Inclusive Design for Immersive Spaces

When developing workspaces it is important to focus on factors surrounding people, context, and the environment. While factors that help or hinder task completion are commonly considered, factors associated with technology-based challenges are normally considered only as an afterthought. In the context of developing workspaces, there are also intangible aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop an understanding of how technology can be used to inform processes of designing Immersive Environments.

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Workshop Description

The workshop begins with a brief introduction to a practical model of different accessibility challenge areas. These focus on visual, cognitive, physical, communication, emotional and intersectional considerations.

Activity 1

The first activity in the workshop allows participants to broaden their current understanding of what constitutes an accessibility challenge. This is done through evaluating accessibility issues in terms of those that are permanent, those that are temporary, and those that are situational.

Activity 2

The second activity is designed to encourage participants to explore their current awareness of accessibility issues and what methods can be employed to solve them. These methods might include education, policy changes, or the development of technical tools.

Activity 3

In the third activity, individual teams are asked to pick one of the six accessibility challenge areas they have identified to analyse more deeply. At this stage teams begin by evaluating their previous matrixes and are then asked to pick three activities related to an individual research challenge area.

Workshop Development

Each workshop that we create goes through several stages of development to make sure that it is covering the aspects that we intended it to.

Development Stage Notes
Idea Generation Idea generation phase for this workshop was conducted in early 2018 after meetings between Crabb and Clarke to collaborate on on a joint project between Computing and Business
Workshop Layout Workshop layout was created and refined over the summer of 2018. A series of meetings took place between lead authors and an multi-institutional academic team was put together to develop the work further.
Resource Creation Resource creation phase for this workshop was conducted in Late Summer 2018
Pilot Testing All resources from this workshop are based on prior work, no pilot testing phase was necessary.
Workshop Roll Out Workshop has been rolled out to 30+ participants with a mix of background in Business, Computer Science, Applied Computing, Assistive and Alternative Communication Designers, Healthcare Technology Developers.
Data Analysis Data analysis of this workshop took place within November 2018.
Paper Generation Findings from this workshop have been published as part of the European Academy of Design Conference 2019.